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Rank, Team, Previous Rank, comment

1. New York Yankees, 2, Put 16-4 home record on line against Orioles tonight.

2. Atlanta Braves, 1, Nothing wrong, but soaring Yankees forced them to step aside.

3. Cincinnati Reds, 4, Imagine how good they'd look if they werallowed to wear jewelry.

4. Boston Red Sox, 6, Now for the big test. Three games againsthe terrifying Twins.

5. Baltimore Orioles, 3, Have developed habit of playing up -- andown -- to the level of competition.

6. Montreal Expos, 7, Good young team appears to be earlfavorite for wild card playoff berth.

7. Chicago White Sox, 8, Leading the way as AL Central turns ia very strong week.

8. Los Angeles Dodgers, 18, Tremendous turnaround puts earlpressure on can't-miss Giants.

9. San Francisco Giants, 5, Bonds has bounced back, but team is meeting stiffer NL West competition than expected.

10. Toronto Blue Jays, 9, Carter carries on, but pitching remainvery inconsistent.

11. Cleveland Indians, 14, Strong week pushed Indians upwardbut Murray injury could hurt momentum.

12. Minnesota Twins, 24, Sweep of Orioles, Yankees prompgreatest leap in Power Ratings history, but don't figure to stay up long.

13. Kansas City Royals, 13, If they take advantage of awfuAngels this weekend, they could move up.

14. St. Louis Cardinals, 12, Figure to get hot this week against Marlins and Phillies.

15. Houston Astros, 10, Drabek (6-1) is back on top of his gamebut Astros still aren't bottom line team.

16. Florida Marlins, 17, Thanks to youthful Weathers and ancienHough, Marlins refuse to knuckle under in tough NL East.

17. New York Mets, 15, Six games against struggling Phillies anPirates should be telling.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates, 11, Reality beginning to set in.

19. Colorado Rockies, 20, Law of averages is beginning to catcup with explosive offense.

20. Texas Rangers, 21, AL West leader finally owns better recorthan last- place team in all other divisions.

21. Seattle Mariners, 19, Worst road record in league (4-15should be major handicap, but not in AL West.

22. Philadelphia Phillies, 23, Schilling injury just latest blow to snake- bitten defending NL champs.

23. Detroit Tigers, 22, Would have to settle for second place in AL West.

24. California Angels, 25, Fired Rodgers says organizatioriddled with "paranoia,"...and with good reason.

25. Chicago Cubs, 27, Sweeping Padres did wonders foself-esteem, but didn't exactly change balance of power in NL.

26. Milwaukee Brewers, 16, Current freefall was not entirelunexpected.

27. Oakland A's, 28, Big deficit makes move to Washington D.Cseem like a natural.

28. San Diego Padres, 26, Lost more games at Wrigley in thre

days (3) than rest of NL has in six weeks (2).

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