Normandy trio rolling up big numbers

Scott Holden of Ellicott City bowls at Brunswick Normandy and Country Club lanes. On Thursday nights it's a mixed league at Country Club, Friday it's the Gas & Electric league at Normandy.

Bowling since he was 12 years old, Holden has built his average to 206, and this season is posting some big numbers.


In February, in the Friday league at Normandy, he fired his career high three-game series, a 799.

On April 15, again in the Friday Gas & Electric league, he rolled his second career 300 game using a new Nitro R2 reactive resin bowling ball.


The Nitro R2 is one of the newest of the reactive balls on the market. It appears that in the hands of a capable tenpin bowler it can put up some big scores.

It appears that Donny Stevens' 84 pins over average for Week 20 in the Young American Bowlers Alliance's Division I Saturday morning league at Normandy will be the highest posted for the 1993-94 season.

The fifth-grader is maintaining a 75 average in his first full year of competition.

On the Senior side, Rose Pickett, bowling in the Thursday morning Club 55 league at Normandy apparently will finish the year with the most pins over average of all the seniors.

On Week 5 the Mayfield resident was 103 pins over average.

Tournament for seniors

In 1990 Joe Nagy founded the Eastern Senior Tournament Association, which his daughter, Joani Clark, operates now.

Formed so that senior men and women tenpin bowlers would have somewhere to compete in scratch competitions, the association now boasts more than 250 members.


With 16 annual tournaments in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland, the association is one of a kind, presenting an opportunity for bowlers to test themselves.

The format features a six-game qualifying round with the five top members entering into stepladder finals.

A minimum first-place prize of $500 is guaranteed. One of every three entries cashes.

Next Sunday, the Eastern Senior Tournament Association will be at Brunswick Columbia.

"If anyone wants to join and bowl in this tournament they can just drop into Columbia Sunday morning," Clark said.

"Check-in is 10:30 a.m., but I'll still allow late entries up to tournament time at noon."


The yearly membership fee of $65 includes a required shirt. Individual tournament entry fee is $60.

Newcomer shines early

Scott Cho of Ellicott City, a fifth-grader at Gilman, is a newcomer to the tenpin lanes.

"This is my first year," Scott said. "I started last October."

He bowls in the YABA league on Saturday mornings at Normandy.

Using a 10-pound house ball, he carries a 78 average.


But in the Division I section of YABA he fired a series that was 78 pins over average, which was good enough to earn him Bowler of the Week honors.