Sale of Amateur Duckpin Tour not expected to bring big changes

The Amateur Duckpin Tour has been sold to Charles McElhose, and the Duckpin Bowlers Tour rises from the ashes of the ADT.

"I have just made the toughest decision of my life," said Chet Gaffney. "I could not have made a better choice than Charles McElhose. This man is the most avid supporter of the game."


This is the eighth season for the ADT, and while some changes might be instituted by McElhose, the concept of the tour will remain the same.

The Duckpin Bowlers Tour will maintain a format for the average duckpin bowler. Every weekend a tournament will be scheduled in the Greater Baltimore/Washington metro area.


The tour will continue to be a handicap event open to all sanctioned duckpin bowlers 18 years and older. Both doubles and singles competitions are going to be planned.

The yearly membership fee is $15. The entry fee for a singles tournament is $30; for a doubles event, $15 per person, $30 for the partnership.

The first prize will be a minimum of $600, guaranteed.

McElhose, president of Mack Security Systems, has long been a patron of the duckpin game, supporting tournaments, leagues and individual bowlers.

Because of his commitment to the game the Duckpin Bowlers Tour should reach new levels of enjoyment for duckpin bowlers.

Gaffney will remain as tour director and consultant for the present and the front office will continue to have Janie Palich at the helm.

The Duckpin Bowlers Tour is at Fair Lanes Harford this weekend.

An Edgemere record broken


John Crunkleton's 12-lane duckpin house in Edgemere was filled to capacity last Sunday with the Tuesday Night Mixed Triple league making up snow dates.

It never crossed his mind that before the day was over he would be writing Gary Dodrill a check for $300.

Dodrill, a 140-average bowler this season, who drew an honorable mention in the Baltimore Duckpin Bowlers Association yearly rating of high-average duckpin bowlers, was called on to sub.

"For several years I've only bowled in one league," Dodrill said. "I just didn't have enough game in league or tournament competition to be rated by the association."

Bowling since he was a pre-teen, Dodrill has a career high game of 225. Last Sunday he established his high three-game series.

Throwing his three games of 191, 171 and 219, his 581 series broke the Edgemere Lanes house record.


That's when he received his check from Crunkleton.

"I wasn't doing anything different," Dodrill said. "I've only bowled in this house five or six times but I usually bowl pretty good here."

Coaching veteran retires

Another farewell message has arrived from Seidel's Bowling Center, the Belair Road duckpin center.

"At the end of this bowling season I am going to retire from coaching," Mary Caprinolo said. "I believe that after 29 1/2 years and 74 years old, it is time to quit."

Over those three decades she has nurtured and coached generations of young duckpin bowlers in the National Duckpin Youth Association's Saturday morning leagues.


"I will miss coaching every Saturday but I will visit from time to time," she said.

Tournament news

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc. will be bowling in the Memorial Day Special at Crofton Bowling Centre May 27-30. The first-place prize money is going to be a guaranteed $3,000.

Information: (410) 721-2401.