Two bowlers help prove two points

Mike Spencer and Bill Williams Jr. bowl at Bel Air Bowl. Neither set out to do any teaching but recently, by example, they proved a couple of points.

One: you don't have to be a cranker to score well on the tenpin lanes.


Two: It pays to know your equipment, and it pays to be able to make a lane adjustment when it's necessary.

Williams of Aberdeen bowls in the Tuesday Twinighters at Bel Air Bowl and carries a 204 average.


He started bowling when he was 8 years old; now 24, he has a career-high set of 758 and just posted his fourth perfect game.

On April 24, in the Tuesday night league, he started the set with a 228 game, slumped to 196 and then the lane adjustment came into play.

"During the second game I noticed that the oil had moved way down the lane," Williams said. "And since I don't thrown a big hook it took just a minor adjustment for me to find a good line."

Using a 16-pound Blue Quantum bowling ball, he made that adjustment. And in the last game pounded the pocket for 12 strikes and a 300 game.

Spencer of Abingdon began his bowling career in the YABA at age 8 at Bel Air Bowl. He stills bowls at Bel Air Bowl on Monday and Thursday nights.

"I've always lived in Harford County," he said, "And it seems that I've always bowled tenpins as long I can remember."

In the Monday First Nighters league on April 25, he bowled exceptionally well.

As most serious bowlers do today, Spencer has a number of different bowling ball at his disposal. He chose a Nitro bowling ball as he pounded out games of 223, 277 and 278 for a 778 series.


A 205-average tenpin bowler, Spencer came back three days later and banged out his career high individual game of 297.

"I play a pretty straight line," the right-hander said. "And while I didn't get the 300 game I don't feel bad because I trusted my ball. This time it just didn't quite work."

He left the 1, 2 and 5 pins.

Policeman wins

Bob Lukiewski of the Maryland State Police in Bel Air captured the high set handicap crown with a total of 727 in the DARE tournament at Bowl America Odenton.

The event drew teams representing law enforcement agencies from Maryland, Virginia and Washington.


Tournament news

Bel Air Bowl has two tournaments coming up: the Summer Foursome and the Mix-or-Match Doubles event.

Both tourneys will run from July 9 through Aug. 21.

The Summer Foursome, based on 100 entries, will pay a first-place prize of $1,000.

The Mix-or-Match event, based on two entries, will pay $800 for first.

Information: (410) 879-8255.