The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national baseball writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major leagues' 28 teams.

1. Atlanta Braves, 1, Came back down to earth last week, but still a cut above the rest of the National League.

2. Toronto Blue Jays , 2, Now for the bad news. Joe Carter should be healthy soon.

3. Cincinnati Reds, 6, Seem to play very well when Marge stays upstairs.

4. Baltimore Orioles, 3, The offense is taking off. The Blue Jays and Red Sox should take notice.

5. Chicago White Sox, 5, Even performance should be good enough over the long run.

6. Boston Red Sox, 7, Too bad they only play half their games at Fenway Park.

7. San Francisco Giants, 4, When Bonds gets up and running, Giants will run away in NL West.

8. New York Yankees, 12, One of AL East's fab four, but can they keep up?

9. St. Louis Cardinals , 8, Still playing well, but pitching injuries are beginning to take their toll.

10. Cleveland Indians, 9, Good road performance (8-3) has kept them near top of standings.

11. Montreal Expos, 20, Biggest single-week jump in brief Power Ratings history. Left for dead a week ago.

12. Houston Astros, 11, Still waiting for Astros to make a move -- one way or the other.

13. Seattle Mariners, 6, Should be able to assert themselves in the weak AL West any time now.

14. Colorado Rockies, 17, Mountain men proving that pitching is not 70 percent of the game.

15. Milwaukee Brewers, 23, Consistent pitching staff is making unheralded Brewers downright respectable, for the moment.

16. Pittsburgh Pirates , 22, Jim Leyland's rebuilt team may be better than advertised, but only slightly.

17. Kansas City Royals, 14, One save from Montgomery in first 3 1/2 weeks is telling statistic.

18. Philadephia Phillies, 15, Abandon hope all ye who play in the new National League East.

19. California Angels, 18, Don't be fooled by soft AL West standings. This dog won't hunt.

20. Florida Marlins, 19, Still hanging around .500, but should drop in class after loss of Harvey.

21. New York Mets, 13, Reality beginning to set in, but still a much better team than last year.

22. Los Angeles Dodgers, 24, Not deep enough to get by without DeShields for very long.

23. Texas Rangers, 21, Still most likely to succeed in AL West, but they've done nothing to prove it.

24. Oakland A's, 10, Seriously overrated a week ago. Probably underrated now, but not much.

25. San Diego Padres, 28, Actually showed signs of life last week, but don't figure to need Benes down the stretch.

26. Detroit Tigers, 25, Still might be good enough to win American League West.

27. Minnesota Twins, 27, Still might be good enough to win College World Series.

28. Chicago Cubs, 26, Return to Wrigley today to resume work on 0-8 home record.

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