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* Queen Zein al-Sharaf, 86, mother of...


* Queen Zein al-Sharaf, 86, mother of King Hussein of Jordan and one of the protectors of his throne during Jordan's political turbulence in the 1950s, died of heart failure yesterday in a hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. She married King Talal in 1934 and had four children: Hussein, Prince Mohammed, Prince Hassan and Princess Basma. King Talal died in 1974. The queen mother became the first chairwoman of the Jordanian Women's Federation in 1944 and led foundations for orphans, the needy and the elderly.

* Donald J. Atwood, 69, deputy secretary of defense during the Bush administration and a retired vice chairman of General Motors Corp., died Sunday in Detroit after surgery for an ulcer. He was appointed to the Defense Department's No. 2 position in 1989 and left in 1993 when the administration changed. He went to work for GM in 1959 and was vice chairman from 1987 to 1989.

* Marguerite Thuret Emory, 98, a descendant of Tahitian royalty once known as one of the most beautiful women of Tahiti, died April 21. She was descended from the royal line of the Pomares and from the last queen of Huahine, one of the islands of French Polynesia. Her mother was Tahitian and her father was French.

* Constantine B. Simonides, vice president and secretary of the board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, died of a heart attack Sunday in Wellesley, Mass. He went to work for MIT in 1960 and was assistant to the director of the summer session and assistant dean of the Sloan School of Management. He became vice president in 1970 and secretary of the board in 1984.

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