Neighbors prize goes to Shipley

Debbie Shipley, ranked seventh last season by the Baltimore Duckpin Bowlers Association with a 137 average, was scheduled for the first squad on the first day of the Good Neighbors Women's Open at Edgemere.

On schedule, she stepped onto the approach and, almost casually, fired a 191 game. And never looked back.


Shipley's victory in the Good Neighbor Open was her second; she won the title in 1992, too.

"I feel I'm bowling OK right now," she said. "And in the tournament I felt that I was bowling pretty good."


Good enough to have 518 for the first three games, good enough to post a 792 series, good enough to average 158 for the five games.

She won the title and $500 by 22 pins over Ethel Williams, who was second with 770.

Shipley is not a stranger to posting huge scores. In the first Women's All Star Classic in 1981 she captured the crown against the best in the nation. She was part of the women's quad team that set the world record for a single game, 676.

She is currently active in two leagues, the Monday Quads at Fair Lanes Westview and the women's travel league with Westview as her home center.

Her career high set is 525, her high single game is 227, both set in the Westview house just a few weeks ago.

New nickname needed

"Almost" Jackson finally got his 300 game.

Tom Jackson, who for years has been one of the best tenpin bowlers in the Baltimore/Washington area, had trouble hitting a perfect game.


"I know that Jackson has shot nine or 10 299 games, another five or six 298," said Curt Pezzano, manager of Country Club Lanes. "He's shot 800 sets and he carries a 215 average but it just seems that every time he got close to the 300 something happened."

But, in the WPOC league on April 14, the only thing that happened was that for the 11th strike the last pin took a little while to finally fall.

"He said to me, 'I knew that when I got away with that hit that the next one would be clean,'" Pezzano said. "And he was right, the last ball crushed the pins for the 12th strike and his first 300 game."

Now the gang at Country Club has to stop calling Jackson "Almost."

A big, big game

On Monday, April 18, in the Country Club Bud Light Classic league, the Starting Over team averaged 266.5 on a 1,066 total.


The individual games were Dan Tursell, 209; Lance Hunsinger, 279, Will Benny, 299; Chris Shaw, 279.