Old bowling balls still doing job

A lot of old tenpin bowling balls get thrown away. And, of course, there's a booming business in new bowling balls -- it seems at least one new ball hits the market every week.

But not all old bowling balls get dumped and not all new tenpin bowlers rush out to buy a ball.


Bev Butler and Rick Houck are "new" bowlers with "old" bowling balls, and they're doing just fine.

They are the March co-champions at Thunderhead Westminster, each with 194 pins over average.


"It was just a few months ago that Elvis [her husband] and I decided that we needed a little exercise, a night out," Butler said.

"My old bowling ball had been sitting since the last time we bowled, about 15 years ago but I dusted it off and I'm using it."

The Butlers live in Manchester and bowl one night a week, in the Monday First Quarter league at Thunderhead.

In the March tournament to determine the monthly champion, Butler, with her old bowling ball used her season high game (198) as a cornerstone for her three-game set that was 119 pins over average.

L Butler is averaging 124 with her 10 1/2 -pound old bowling ball.

Houck, a Taneytown resident, bowled duckpins a long time ago.

"Last year [at the start of the fall/winter season] my boss [Jim King] asked me to fill in on his team," Houck said.

"It sounded like a lot of fun so I said OK."


Never having been a tenpin bowler, he didn't own a tenpin ball.

King had an old Red Pearl Hammer that he gave to Houck. With the 16-pound bowling ball, Houck is averaging 145 and has posted a three-game series over 500 in his short career in the Sunday Casual league at Thunderhead.

A bowler with a lot of heart

Wayne Sterling and his wife, Shirley, live in Gamber and bowl in the Monday Morning Mixers, a duckpin league, at Thunderhead Westminster.

Shirley carries a 102 and Wayne has a 115 average.

"I've had six heart attacks," he said. "And my doctor says that I shouldn't bowl. But I bowl anyway. I used to bowl as a kid and about four-five years ago I started bowling again."


And bowling well.

On Monday morning, April 4, the retired Department of the Army employee pounded out a superb 181 game.

"I've started throwing the ball out [on the lane]," he said. "That seems to make a big difference."


Junior Achievement of Central Maryland, Inc. will present a Bowl-A-Rama the weekend of May 14.

You can bowl tenpins or duckpins at Hampstead Bowling Center.


All money raised goes to Junior Achievement and is tax deductible.

This is going to be a real fun event and it's for a great cause.

If you'd like to bowl duckpins with me call (410) 247-0850.

For information and to sign up, call Karen Wisner at (410) 239-8130.