String of solid hits leads to Semmel's 300

Brian Semmel, a tenpin bowler for well over 10 years, threw a 300 game at Brunswick Columbia last month.

Semmel bowls in three leagues, the Friday Newtowners and the Monday and Wednesday mixed at the Columbia lanes.


It was on March 18 in the Newtowners league that he captured that elusive 300 game.

The first and second of the three game set were nothing special, both 183, close to his average but nothing to celebrate.


The last game was different. Twelve strikes in a row and were any of them tainted?

"Every one of those strikes was a solid hit," Semmel said.

He throws a 16-pound Rhino Teal out to the ditch and back to maintain that 185 average.

His career high series is 684, but this was the first time that he was really close to a perfect game.

"Don Bailey [a YABA coach at Columbia] has helped me a lot," Semmel said. "And that last game I was throwing the ball a little harder."

A not so serious bowler

Diane Pezzano of Columbia was part of the women's team that won the Handicap Division of the Baltimore Women's Bowling Association 38th annual Championship tournament at Columbia last month.

Pezzano is the wife of Curt Pezzano, manager of a bowing center and owner of a 216 average. Her father-in-law is Chuck Pezzano, a national figure on the tenpin scene; her brothers-in-law, Chuck Jr., Clay and Craig, are deadly serious tenpin bowlers with multiple 300 games and 800 sets.


The entire Pezzano family can tell you what they scored in tournaments when they were teen-agers, the exact scores of all their tournaments and, probably, give you frame-by-frame numbers on most of the games that they ever thrown.

You could put together a five-member team of PBA card carriers and the last name for all five would be Pezzano. But there's one Pezzano who isn't all that serious about the game.

"I'm not sure exactly what my average is," Diane Pezzano laughed. "I think it's over 160."

Last year her book average was 159 in her only league, the Wednesday Mixers at Brunswick Columbia.

She started bowling when she met her husband. Since that time 12 years ago she's posted a career high game of 258 and a high set of 680. Well, she's pretty sure those are the figures.

How did the championship team get formed?


"That was easy," Pezzano said. "We [Bettie Shoemaker, Priscilla Clark and Paula Gibson] bowl together in the Wednesday league so we entered the same team in the tournament."