Sequels spark speculation on ideal casting


Is nothing sacred? First, in the current round of sequels, there was "Scarlett," the book (which I admit to reading but didn't buy), and the movie.

And now there's a cinematic sequel to Casablanca in the works, to be followed by a television miniseries. The mind boggles, but the casting possibilities, at least, are as much fun to contemplate as they were in "Scarlett."

Sam Neill and Isabella Rossellini. Edward Asner and Isabella Rossellini. Danny DeVito and Isabella Rossellini. I wonder why casting directors aren't in a bidding war for my services?


Many community organizations are bidding for volunteer services of all kinds; two in particular are London Town Publik House & Gardens and Historic Annapolis Foundation.

London Town is looking for archaeology buffs to work under the direction of former Assistant County Archaeologist Esther Read. She is trying to develop a clear picture of William Brown, who operated a ferry on the South River and built the house. She also is trying to determine how the Publik House was used originally. Was it a tavern with a small area for the family's dwelling? Or a grand family home that coincidentally played host to ferry travelers on occasion?

Ms. Read has been classifying the artifacts that have been found along the London Town beach over the years. Her next task will be digging test pits in various locations around the Publik House.

Will there be any major discoveries, such as the lead coffins unearthed two years ago in St. Mary's City? The best way to find out is to be part of the digging. Work will be carried out primarily on weekdays, but some will be done on weekends if enough volunteers show an interest. For more details, call the London Town Foundation office at 222-1919.


Historic Annapolis Foundation is recruiting volunteers to work with visitor services in the Maritime Museum on Compromise Street and to serve as docents at the William Paca House on Prince George Street. There is a volunteer orientation this Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Paca House. It will include a slide presentation on the foundation, its museums, and the volunteer opportunities. Training for specific jobs will be held on April 19, 20 and 21.

Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 10 hours a month, an easy task when the job is fascinating. A small fee for training materials is required. For more information, call director of volunteers Mary Salsich at 263-5553.


History of a slightly younger sort is the focus for volunteers in the oral history project at the Barge Museum in Eastport, where a new "Eastport Memories" show opens April 16 and runs through the summer.

Pat Bausell, coordinator for the new show, explained that the oral history of Eastport is at least as important as the photographs and artifacts that the museum is collecting. Volunteers, who need not live in Eastport, are needed to do the interviews and to transcribe the tapes. A special sensitivity is helpful for both jobs: the interviewer must be able to keep the narrative moving, encouraging but not directing it.

The Eastport Historical Committee alternates specific shows, such as the Doll House display that just closed, with casual, homey "memories" events in the hope of stimulating interest in the museum and inspiring people to check their attics, cupboards, drawers, cellars, and memories for things that will be of interest and delight to their neighbors and to the future. "We're a small museum, and a new museum," Ms. Bausell said. The community is becoming more and more involved in recognizing and honoring its roots.

The Barge Museum is open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the foot of Second Street in Eastport.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and the museum's needs, call 268-2454.


A display of a different sort opens on the other side of Spa Creek, also on the 16th. It's the fourth annual show for the group of artists who call themselves Bad Monkeys, a.k.a. Martin Beadle, Karen Harris, Liz Lind, Laurie Nolan and Chris Senesi. Their work will be on display at West Annapolis Gallery through May 31.

The five local artists work in photography, painting, assemblage, mosaic, and collage. Photographer Harris, a Davidsonville resident, also will be featured this spring in a group show at the Eubie Blake Gallery 409 in The Brokerage in Baltimore. The Baltimore exhibit is mounted by Very Special Arts, an international organization established to enrich the lives of people with disabilities through the arts.

The West Annapolis Gallery is located at 108 Annapolis Street; for information on the Bad Monkeys show, call 269-5828. For details on the Very Special Arts exhibit, call 410-396-6442.


And finally, the Southern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce is looking for food and craft vendors, historical groups, maritime groups and exhibitors, and community organizations to participate in the 2nd annual South County Festival on May 21 at Herrington Harbor North in Tracy's Landing. Call 410-867-3129.

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