Kings Dominion welcomes world of Wayne and Garth

If boring bumper cars and mirthless amusement parks make you want to hurl, two of your favorite buds from "Saturday Night Live" have something new for you this summer.



The newest attraction at Paramount's Kings Dominion is Wayne's World, an eight-acre re-creation of Aurora, Ill., hometown to Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, centerpieces of Paramount Pictures' pair of "Wayne's World" movies. "There's an Aurora streetscape as you first enter the area," says Betsey Reardon, spokeswoman for Paramount Kings Dominion. "It's [named] Main Street, then they have that crossed through and they have 'Wayne's Street.' "

The re-created Aurora includes Wayne's basement studio, where Wayne and Garth started their cable access show, the WPIG van (the radio station promotion van complete with ears, snout and tail featured in the second movie), a ride called the Screamweaver, Stan Mikita's Restaurant (Wayne and Garth's hangout) and the Rock Shop, a rock and roll memorabilia store where Garth's fantasy drum set is on display with the Excalibur Stratocaster guitar that Wayne lusts after.


Since no amusement park is complete without a roller coaster, Wayne's World includes the appropriately named Hurler. The Hurler's cars are painted teal green with a flame design to resemble Wayne's Mirth Mobile.

The new coaster is Kings Dominion's sixth -- but their fourth wooden roller coaster. That means Kings Dominion has more wooden roller coasters than any other park in North America, according to Baltimorean Ray Ueberroth, president of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.

Wayne and Garth look-alikes will be added to the cast of walk around characters -- such as Scooby-Doo, and "Star Trek" characters such as Klingons, Vulcans and Bajorans -- who roam the entire park.

Surprisingly though, despite Wayne and Garth's rock and roll tastes, Kings Dominion will not be holding any concerts this year due to a "directional change" according to Ms. Reardon. The park is now emphasizing tie-ins to their movie properties.

Kings Dominion is currently open for weekends only, except Sunday, May 1. Wayne's World is expected to open in late April or early May. The park is open daily May 30 through Sept. 5. Call (804) 876-5000 for more details.