Nall second in breaststroke


FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- It took more than two months for Anita Nall to return to swimming. It took a little more than two minutes at the Phillips 66 spring nationals for her to discover she's on the way back.

The 1992 Olympic gold medalist did not compete from December through the end of February while battling mononucleosis. She returned to the water in February and competed for the first time yesterday. She responded with a second-place finish in the 200-meter breaststroke.

"Everyone thinks I'm so upset because I didn't win, but I'm happy to get second," said Nall, a senior at Towson Catholic. "I'm not that far away from getting all the way back."

Kristine Quance won the event in 2 minutes, 28.55 seconds, but Nall displayed shades of her past form in rallying for second place. She shaved nearly four seconds off her qualifying time in the final to finish in 2:30.95.

"It's really her first swim since December," said Murray Stephens, coach of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. "It takes a lot of courage for her to get back into the pool."

Nall had a respectable time of 2:34.67 in the morning qualifying heats, but it was a far cry from her once-world-record time of 2:25.35. The top two finishers in each event can compete in the Goodwill Games this summer in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nall said she will not make the trip.

Two weeks ago, Nall wasn't even certain she would be making the trip to Federal Way. She said she was feeling OK, but her endurance wasn't up to par after the short training period. She surprised herself and Stephens.

"She could be swimming well by this summer if she remains healthy," Stephens said.

Remaining healthy has been a problem for Nall in the past year. She first contracted mono last spring and had a recurrence of the illness this winter.

Nall will compete in the 100 breaststroke tomorrow.

US Swimming Championships At Federal Way, Wash.


100m freestyle--1, Nicole Haislett, Florida, 56.25 seconds. 2, Gitta Jensen, SMU, 57.10. 3, Richelle DePold, Colonie Aquatic, 57.59. 4, Barbara Bedford, Unattached, 57.62. 5, Angie Wester-Krieg, Stanford, 57.64. 6, Kim Johnson, COPS, 57.71. 7, Emith Smith, Badger, 57.94. Mary Edwards, Stanford, DQ.

200m breaststroke--1, Kristine Quance, USC, 2:28.75. 2, Anita Nall, North Baltimore, 2:30.95. 3, Guylaine Cloutier, Laval, 2:31.74. 4. Annemiek McReynolds, Scenic City, 2:35.11. 5, Cathy O'Neill, COPS, 2:35.13. 6, Alison Fealey, Cincinnati Marlins, 2:35.16. 7, Kella Hoblick, Clovis, 2:36.73. 8, Brooke Donoho, Greater Baltimore, 2:37.21.

200m backstroke--1, Suzanne Toledo, Southwest Michigan, 2:12.26. 2, Lea Loveless, Badger, 2:12.60. 3, Rachel Joseph, Eugene City, 2:13.91. 4, Kristy Heydanek, Santa Clara, 2:15.01. 5, Anna Simcic, California, 2:15.26. 6, Dede Trimble, Massacusetts Bay Marlins, 2:15.55. 7, Hope Gittings, USC, 2:15.96. 8, Paige Wilson, Athens Bulldogs, 2:16.84.

200m butterfly--1, Michelle Griglione, Curl-Burke, 2:12.72. 2, Whitney Phelps, North Baltimore, 2:13.27. 3, Angie Wester-Krieg, Stanford, 2:13.83. 4, Collin Sherman, Bolles, 2:14.98. 4, Kerri Hale, Club Wolverine, 2:14.98. 6, Karin Bunting, Foxcatcher, 2:16.49. 7, Kirsten Silvester, Club Wolverine, 2:16.59. 8, Paige Wilson, Athens Bulldogs, 2:16.73.


100m freestyle--1, Gustavo Borges, Michigan, 49.64. 2, Gary Hall, Jr., Phoenix, 50.27. 3, Ugur Taner, Chinook, 50.42. 4, Yoav Bruck, Las Vegas Gold, 50.70. 5, Scott Jeff, Las Vegas Gold, 50.80. 6, Atilla Zubor, Hungary, 50.86. 7, Jay Hladish, Ohio State, 51.06. 8, Seth Pepper, Hillenbrand, 51.09.

200m breaststroke--1, Norbert Rosza, Hungary, 2:13.58. 2, Steve West, Michigan, 2:16.11. 3, Seth Van Neerden, Fort Lauderdale, 2:16.20. 4, Sergio Lopez, Curl-Burke, 2:16.89. 5, Nuk Sirisanont, Bolles, 2:17.21. 6, Todd Torres, Fort Lauderdale, 2:17.25. 7, Roque Santos, Curl-Burke, 2:18.63. 8, Marcel Wouda, Michigan, 2:19.08.

200m backstroke--1, Brad Bridgewater, Texas, 1:59.15. 2, Greg Burgess, Florida, 2:00.46. 3, Bart Sikora, Mission Viejo, 2:01.70. 4, Jason Lancaster, Carmel Swim Club, 2:02.40. 5, Neil Walker, 2:03.21. 6, Oliver Agh, Hungary, 2:04.19. 7, Jason Stelle, USC, 2:04.95. 8, Tim O'Mara, USC, 2:05.94.

200m butterfly--1, Mel Stewart, Unattached. 2, Ugur Taner, Chinook, 1:59.77. 3, Tom Malchow, Star, 1:59.86. 4, Yann deFabrique, North Carolina, 2:00.85. 5, Matt Hooper, Alamo Area, 2:00.87. 6, Peter Horvath, Hungary, 2:00.88. 7, Ben Mercier, Clovis, 2:02.62. 8, Casey Barrett, USC.

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