Forest Hill's Byus' perfect game rolls into Harford's sports history

Linda Byus of Forest Hill is a little unhappy with her tenpin average this year.

"I'm down about 10 pins from last year," she said. "I still have about 168 but I'd like to get it higher."


Byus, bowling for about 14 years, had a pretty fair day in April 1992, when she shot a 279 game, striking from the first through ninth frames.

"That day I was so nervous in the 10th frame that all I wanted to do was throw a decent a ball and not miss the spare," she said.


That's exactly what happened and the 279 became her career-high game -- until early this month.

"A few days before Rick [her husband] and I were bowling and he mentioned that maybe I should move [on the approach]," Byus said. "Usually I put the ball over the second arrow, about the 10th board, but Rick said to try moving left and shooting the first arrow."

On March 14, in the Monday Early Ladies League when her team, The Pin Knockers, took the lanes at Bel Air Bowl, she wasn't thinking about making local bowling history.

"My first game, a 150, was so bad that I was completely frustrated. I decided it was time to do something," she said. "It was then that I remembered what Rick had said about moving on the lane. The second game I started throwing over the first arrow."

And started throwing strikes. And more strikes. A lot of strikes. All strikes.

When the last pin crashed into the pit Byus had doubled the score of her first game. And became the first Harford County woman bowler to post a perfect game.

"After that I was so nervous that I just wanted to get the last game over," Byus said. "I really don't know how I finished out the night."

It doesn't matter how Byus finished. What everyone will remember is that she apparently owns the first 300 game in Harford County.


All ups, no downs

The Up and Downs team in the Monday Early Ladies League at Bel Air Bowl had its ups on March 14. It never had any downs.

Wanda Richardson, the team captain, had games of 122, 98 and 122 for a set of 342.

Della Kidwell shot 119, 142 and 110 for a 371 series.

Agnes Creswell produced games of 142, 151 and 143 for a 436 series.

Hannah Gordon posted a 380 series with games of 118, 116 and 146.


Sherry Creswell's 188, 182 and 168 games totaled 538.

Nothing unusual, you say, in a women's handicap league? Well, yes and no.

If you take the series of each member and add them together you'll have a grand total of 2,067. Now divide that by the three games. The 689 answer is the same for every game of the three-game set.

That's consistency, identical scores every game, that's a triple the hard way.