Big game qualifies as winner for Smith

"It was my first tournament," Mickey Smith said, "And I was serious, I wasn't playing around."

That's the reason that Smith gave for posting his career high single game, 153, in the Mount Airy Lanes qualifying round of the $15,000 Duckpin Classic.


The qualifying rounds of the Coors-sponsored event were held in January and February and six duckpinners from Joe Rineer's Mount Airy center have advanced to the national finals to be held April 30 and May 1 at Turner's Long Meadow Bowl in



Jim Reisberg led the pack with a five-game total of 916; once again he pulled a Garrison finish. Almost eliminated after the first four games, he rallied, throwing a first-class 201 game to take the top qualifying spot by two from Smith.

Last year, in the same tournament in the first day of the finals at Fair Lanes Pikesville, Reisberg had to fire a 186 game in his last game to reach the stepladder finals.

Bruce Thompson was third with 907.

Will Estanich won the men's fourth and final position with 901; his wife, Sherry Estanich, was second to Gina Lowman in the women's division and that means that in Hagerstown there will be a husband/wife entry from Mount Airy. But that's OK, because it's possible for each of them to win the top spot in their division and bring home $1,500.

Smith, bowling for just two years, lives in Mount Airy and works for his dad's company, Plumbers Inc. He bowls in three leagues at the Mount Airy house, the Thursday Mixed [an all-family team with his mother, Gloria; father, Chester; and brother, Tim], Monday and Tuesday.

A 115 average duckpinner, Smith shot games of 146, 146, 114, 135 and 153 for a scratch total of 694.

"Sherry used to bowl years ago," Estanich said, "But it is really her first year of bowling, too."

Estanich's brother, John, and sister-in-law, Cathy, talked the husband/wife team into bowling the Thursday Mixed league at Mount Airy.


"Our team's called 'The Rentals'," the supervisor for UPS said, "because when we first started to bowl in the league we had to rent shoes and use house balls."

Will Estanich fired his best single game in the tournament, a 178, and totaled 911 with his handicap; Gloria Estanich posted an 888 series to finish just two pins off the pace.

Tournament news

Last month, County Lanes played host to a Handicap Singles Tournament.

The event drew 96 tenpinners to the Westminster center and paid $855 in prize money.

Ken Frock Jr., son of the center's manager, threw games of 231, 269 and 259 for scratch set of 759. The handicap total of 843 captured first place.


Chuck Ludwig, owner of the center, shot a high game of 266 and George Meade posted the high scratch series with a 773 set.

Rineer will present the annual Wayne Logue Memorial Handicap Doubles duckpin tournament June 3-5, at Mount Airy Lanes. For information, call (410) 795-9181.

Riviera Bowl, Pasadena, will present the Don Vitek's Best of Bowling Mixed Doubles Duckpin Handicap Tournament April 23-24. First prize is a guaranteed $2,000.

Information: (410) 255-3550.