Pyles, Asimenios repeat at Pinland

Last year, Adele Asimenios and Jeff Pyles shot 1,554 for their 10 games to win the Pinland Open Mixed Doubles tournament at Pinland Lanes in Dundalk. This past March 5-6, they shot 1,470.

That's 84 pins fewer than last year. But it was 18 pins higher than the 1,452 posted by runners-up Kathy and Charlie Williams and good for back-to-back victories.


Mark Anderson fired a superb 224 game for high singles honors for the men, and Melissa Wright, on her home turf, captured the women's high single game with 187.

Just in case you're wondering, the world record for a mixed duo five game set is 1,646. Anita Rothman and John Crunkleton teamed for that total on Nov. 15, 1992, at Fair Lanes Westview.


Wright lives in Dundalk and bowls at Pinland in the Wednesday Doubles league. She competes in the Monday Mixed at Middlesex and the Thursday Majors at a Gaithersburg center.

"I guess I've been bowling since I was about 3 years old," the 20-year-old Dundalk native said. "It's a game I've always loved."

And a game where she carries 137 average with a career-high game of 207, a high series of 487.

About that 187 game: "That day I was making sure that I got down low [on the approach] and that I was throwing the ball out."

Luke Collins lives in White Marsh and bowls tenpins. In three leagues. The Monday Drug Trade at Brunswick Perry Hall, Wednesday's Paxton Mixed and on Thursday the WPOC league at Country Club Lanes.

The MTA driver and West Virginia native has been bowling for eighteen years and averages 195; his career-high game is 289.

Bowling in the Greater Baltimore Bowling Association tournament this month at Greenway Odenton, he fired his career-high series of 768 in the doubles event. He added 732 in the singles and 702 in the team division. That grand scratch total of 2202 was tops for the All Events portion of the tournament.

"I was using a Cobra [bowling ball] that I've had for about five years," he said. "I had it drilled for the conditions at Greenway and, of course, the tournament this year was held there. Basically I'm a down-and-in bowler, and all I did was move a little more inside that day."


That move allowed him to average 244.6 for the nine games.

In the doubles event, Collins' first game was 256, the second 256, and the third game was 256. If one must get in a rut, that's a good rut to be in.

Three duckpin bowlers from Edgemere Lanes have qualified for the $15,000 Coors Duckpin Classic national tournament April 30 and May 1 at Turner's Long Meadow Bowl in Hagerstown.

Two men, Bob McIlvaine and John Early, fired five-game sets of 806 and 621, scratch, respectively. McIlvaine picked up 120 handicap pins for a total of 906; Early's handicap addition was 225 for a total of 846.

Rose Staab, a 109 average duckpinner, posted a scratch five-game figure of 571, added 240 pins, totaled 811 and led the women qualifiers.

"I started bowling about five or six years ago with my children," the Essex native and North Point Village resident said. "Now John [her husband] and I coach the Pee Wee and Prep bowlers in the Saturday morning youth league at Edgemere [duckpin center]".


Rose Staab bowls in the Saturday Late Night league at Edgemere on Mr. J. J.'s team, her only league, and has a career high game of 164, a high three-game series of 378.

To qualify, she pounded out five solid games, nothing fantastic, just five good games: 116, 119, 108, 110 and 118.

"I was really lucky that day," she said with a laugh. "I never thought that I had a chance to qualify for a national tournament."

Joe Kaseman, 18, is a freshman at Essex Community College and has been bowing tenpins since he was 5.

He lives in Dundalk with his parents, Mattsy and Hans, and is a member of the Essex bowling team.

A member of two leagues at Fair Lanes Dundalk, the Monday Men's and the Tuesday Paul Revere, he carries a 195 average. His high career set is a 791.


He saved his career-high game for the 1994 National Junior College Athletic Association Men's and Women's Bowling Championship at Crown Brunswick in Middle River on the first day of the two-day March tournament.

"I got some advice from Scott Rodgville [a Fair Lanes Dundalk employee," Kaseman said. "He said, 'Take one shot at a time,' and that's I what I remembered when the tournament started."

Bowling in the fourth position of the five-men team, Kaseman followed the advice to the letter. The result? The first 300 game of his short career and the only 300 game in the tournament.

Tournament news

* The Free State Classic Tenpin Tour will be at Fair Lanes Kings Point April 9 and 19. Information: (410) 521-5300.

* The Good Neighbor Women's Open duckpin tournament will be held by John Crunkleton of Edgemere Lanes on April 16 and 17. Information: (410) 477-0717.


* The National Amateur Bowlers, Inc. will be at Fair Lanes Ritchie April 16 and 17. Guaranteed first-place prize money is $1,500. Information: (410) 761-3800.

* Riviera Bowl presents the Best of Bowling Mixed Doubles Duckpin Handicap tournament on April 23 and 24. First place is a guaranteed $2,000. Information: (410) 255-3550.