Husband-wife duo raise duckpin scores along with tension level

Last Sunday evening started without fanfare, a normal league night of duckpins for the husband/wife duo of Jim and Jackie Dodson at Mount Airy Lanes.

Jim is an old hand at duckpins. Jackie began her career three years ago.


"I guess I've been bowling for about 28 years," he said. "Since I was about 12 years old."

They both bowl in three leagues at the Mount Airy center. In the Sunday Early Mixed and the Friday Night Early Mixed they bowl (( together.


Jackie Dodson averaged 108 last season. This year her average has climbed to 114. But there was no indication that she was about to post her career-high single game and series; even less an indication that something extremely unusual was going to happen.

In the first game of the match last Sunday, Jackie shot her best game, a 190, 76 pins over her average.

Was Jim Dodson, bowling on the same team, taking some heat from Jackie?

"Let's say I was motivated," Jim laughed. "After all she's only been bowling three years."

In the second game, Jim, a 130-average bowler, started marking . . . and marking. Soon it was the last frame and he was sitting on 189 with one ball in his hand and three pins, the one, three and six, standing in a row just 60 feet away.

"All I needed was two of those pins to have a 191 game," Jim said. "I turned around on the approach and said to Jackie, 'In your face!' and and threw the ball."

And as calmly and cleanly as a surgeon making an incision he picked the middle pin out of the three -- for a 190 game on the nose.

"Maybe he did tie my 190 game," Jackie said. "But my set was six pins higher."


After her 190, she added games of 143 and 116 for a 449 set -- 107 pins over her usual series.

A school night to remember

Jim Scarpati of Hampstead bowls in two leagues at Hampstead Bowling Centre and another league, on Wednesday night, at County Lanes.

Bowling tenpins since he was 8 years old, the 31-year-old carries an average of 213.

His career high series is 745 and prior to Feb. 21, his high game was 278.

On lanes 13 and 14 that night, he pounded out 11 strikes in a row and had a chance to become the first bowler to post a 300 game in the Hampstead center.


Throwing a 16-pound Teal Rhino, he left the eight-pin with the final ball. The reactive resin bowling ball finished so strongly that the five-pin was chopped straight back into the pit, not touching the eight-pin. But that 299 is still his career high individual game.

Unfortunately, because he attends Carroll County Community College, Scarpati misses the first game of the Monday night league and his team takes a blind score.

Without the blind and with games of 232 and 299, he would have had a great chance at breaking his personal high three-game series, needing only a 224 game to hit 755. And it wouldn't have been impossible to hit that elusive 800 set.

Doubles duckpin tournament

Joe Rineer will present the annual Wayne Logue Memorial Handicap Doubles duckpin tournament on the weekend of Friday through Sunday, June 3-5, at Mount Airy lanes.

This event always draws a crowd so get your spot reserved quickly.


Call (410) 795-9181.