Lotz shows that results, not style, are what matters

Mark Roth, one of the great instinctive professional bowlers of all time, was famous for taking three or four or five or six or even seven steps in his approach.

When asked about it, he answered, "Whatever it takes to get to the foul line."


The point is simple. The three- or four-step approach is not carved in stone. Step into any bowling center and you'll usually find as many different styles as there are bowlers in the house.

L That being said, some styles are more arresting than others.


Ask Fran Lotz of Columbia. The right-hander bowls in the Sunday Pinbuster league at Brunswick Columbia.

Bowling tenpins since he was "10 or 11 years old," he carries a 177 average; his high game is a 279 and high set is a 695.

"First, I dislocated my hip playing football," Lotz said. "Then, later, I ripped the knee, really blew it out, playing soccer and to take the pressure off it I started bowling a little different."

As in a one-step delivery.

"I used that one-step delivery for so long, it began to feel right," he said. "Now I could take the usual three or four steps, but it just doesn't feel right."

Young bowlers excel

The Young American Bowling Alliance bowlers continue to mature at Brunswick Normandy's Saturday morning league.

Shannon Hoffman, Frank Ecker and Tim Gallasch are competing in their first season. Jamon Murray started as a 4-year-old throwing a duckpin ball. All have been Bowlers of the Week in their divisions.


Hoffman, 11, lives in Ellicott City and carries a 50-plus average after just a few months. The sixth-grader at Patapsco Middle School has a high game of 140.

As a Division I bowler, Shannon shot a series that was 71 pins over average to become the Bowler of Week Number 15.

Ecker, 14, an eighth-grader at Catonsville Middle School, is averaging 93, with a high game and set of 145 and 405, respectively.

In Week 15, "I was concentrating on hitting my marks [on the lane]," he said, and he had a series that was 113 pins over average.

Gallasch, 15, lives in Ellicott City and is a sophomore at Centennial High School.

He was Bowler of the Week 16 with 63 pins over average. He posted games of 189 (career high), 171 and 155 for a superb 515 series on Feb. 26.


Murray, 12, began with duckpins and switched to tenpins. The sixth-grader at Glenmont School has upped his average from last years' 110 to 131; his high game is 223.

In Week 16, he was 58 pins over average to capture Bowler of the Week in Division I at Normandy.

Classic at Normandy

Next weekend, the Free State Classic Tenpin Tour will stop at Brunswick Normandy lanes.

Information: (410) 356-0936.