A man's got to move to shed the tightness of winter cabin fever. A punch of strong color and high-performance design can pump up the energy in a spring fashion season that is otherwise marked by neutral colors and loose, relaxed cuts. Top designers are working the gyms for inspiration and are copycatting the look of track warm-ups, team jerseys and racing stripes. These are not the shiny, vanity-fashion-plate models of the health club '80s, but clothes born out of a competitive spirit.

Designer label or sport-shop logo, it's a new way to play the fashion game.

Fresh Stripes

Haute Hoop: Page 20 -- Jacket by DKNY, $455, at Macy's. Shorts by L'escalde, $55, at J.S. Edwards.

Fashion Track: Page 21 -- Jacket by Hugo Boss, $280, at Hayatt & Co. Thermal shirt by Too Cute, $40, at Body & Sole. Adidas pants, $25, at Sports Mart.

Lean Machine: Page 22 -- Cycling shirt by Pearlizumi, $60, at Princeton Sports. Shorts by Boss, $80, boots by Giorgio Brutini, $140, all at Hyatt & Co.

Sparring Style: Page 22 -- Multi-color shirts, $30, at Hyatt & Co. Black pro tights by Canari, $36, at Princeton Sports.

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