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$95,000 needed for books, but purse may not permit it


Carroll County Public Library needs $95,000 to buy new books and other materials, but the county budget director said yesterday he's not sure it's affordable.

The library's collection has suffered because of budget cuts in the past several years, Budget Director Steven D. Powell said.

He wants to give the library more money for books and materials, but he can't recommend it now, he said.

Budget and library officials met with county commissioners yesterday to discuss the library's operating budget for fiscal 1995. Mr. Powell has recommended a $4 million budget, which is a 3.2 percent increase over the current year's budget.

The additional $124,950 will be used to hire a computer $l technician and pay for computer maintenance on an automation system installed this year.

"We have to be able to keep up with technology as it develops," Library Director Linda Mielke said.

She asked the commissioners to add $95,000 to the budget. The increase would mean the library system could spend $552,675 on books in fiscal 1995; it is spending $457,675 this year.

The book budget has been cut since fiscal 1991.

Ms. Mielke also asked the commissioners to add $70,000 to buy children's materials for all branches and $30,000 to buy new carpet for the Eldersburg branch.

The county library system has five branches, which circulated 2.6 million materials in fiscal 1993.

The commissioners will consider Ms. Mielke's requests and vote on a final budget in late May.

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