Lisa Menowitz-Hamburger gives the '70s another turn


For Lisa Menowitz-Hamburger, it's still the '70s -- in her closet at least. The bell-bottoms, miniskirts and platform shoes are all there like reminders of her younger days. Only this time around, the clothes have a '90s flair.

Although Mrs. Hamburger, 28, hesitates to turn up at the office in retro wear, (she works in human resources for CMG Health, a managed mental health care company in Owings Mills), she will show her fashion devotion to the decade on March 5 when she and her husband co-chair "Saturday Night Fever," a '70s-themed benefit for Cystic Fibrosis at HarborView Marina and Yacht Club.

Mrs. Hamburger has already selected her outfit: black gabardine bell-bottoms and a ruffled silk shirt. Her husband, Jonathan, though, is still undecided.

She says, "He's not sure he wants to wear a leisure suit."

How did you become interested in '70s clothes?

I was in grade school during the '70s. I had the bell-bottoms and the platform shoes. That was the style. Looking back, I looked horrible. But they've streamlined the clothes now, made them more sleek and chic. It's also a very feminine look with ruffled shirts and crocheted vests. I do own bell-bottoms, and I have black suede platform shoes. But I haven't gone to the hippie style.

Is there anything from the '70s you wouldn't give a second try?

There are some shoes like platform sandals and clogs that I would never put on again.

Do you ever feel faddish?

It's a trendy thing to wear '70s clothes now. But I like to have new looks every year. Obviously you want your wardrobe to look fresh. I have a lot of classic things that I like to update.

Is there anything in your closet you regret buying?

I regret more the things I don't buy than the things I do. I saw this pair of brown jodhpur-style pants with suede patches at Saks Fifth Avenue that I'm sorry I didn't get.

How would you describe your style overall?

Classic but in. I wouldn't say trendy, but I like to look sophisticated. And I don't buy cheap clothes. I'd rather have one blouse than two or three inexpensive ones. I'll wear a lot of Anne Klein II blazers, Donna Karan bodysuits and vests.

What about on the weekends?

I get a little more fun on weekends. At work, you have to be more businesslike. On the weekends, I'll wear a lot of jeans from the Gap and vests with shirts or turtlenecks.

Where do you shop?

Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's.

What's the one thing people don't know about your sense of style?

I don't get help from salespeople. Some people think that saleswomen put me together, but there's an ease about it for me. I don't have to shop for hours.

What's your next purchase?

Shoes. The one thing I don't need but love. I saw a pair of black fabric pumps at Macy's that I'm planning to go back and get.

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