DARRELL MULLER JR., 17, son of Darrell...


DARRELL MULLER JR., 17, son of Darrell and Arlene Muller of Muller Road, north of Winfield.

School: senior at South Carroll High School and the Carroll County Career and Technology Center.

Honored for: Taking second place in the regional carpentry competition for the Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), representing the Career Center. The competition was Feb. 5 in Harford County.

Darrell will represent the school in the VICA state carpentry competition next month.

"He's a real go-getter," said Career Center Principal Catherine Engel. "He's a hard-working young man who has some plans."

In the regional competition, Darrell had to build a 6- by 8-foot wall with a window in it in 20 minutes.

Goals: "I'm thinking about going into the carpentry trade," Darrell said. "I like doing both finish and rough construction. I want to go straight into building."

Comments: "I started building little things around the house when I was about 13. Plus, I help my dad build sheds here on the farm," Darrell said.

His family raises beef cattle.

"I've thought about [raising cattle] if I don't make it out in the carpentry trade," Darrell said.

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