Mount Airy's Gibson manages to pull off rare 'double triple'


As difficult as it is to win a Triple Crown -- high game, set and average in a league for a season -- Paula Gibson of Mount Airy did it again for the second year in a row.

She bowls in the Monday Night Mixed league in Columbia. On Jan. 4, she pounded out games of 211, 233 and 289 for a 733 set; that 289 and the 733 were two legs of the triple (career highs). Her finishing average of 175 supplied the third leg.

An elusive barrier

Paul Snyder of Mount Airy bowls in two leagues -- the Friday Early Mixer and the Wednesday Major league at Mount Airy Lanes.

A 127-average bowler, Snyder has a career-high set of 498.

"I've never been able to crack that 500 series!" he said. "But that's duckpins."

Last month he had another great chance at busting the 500-set (( barrier.

The first game of his set was 218 and a great start toward a 500 set.

"The 218 was great," he said. "But you can forget the last two games. They were terrible."

So no 500 set, but that 218 is a career-high single game for Snyder.

Bowlers of the Month

Thunderhead Westminster is a split house, where duckpin and tenpin bowlers compete side by side. That means that every month during the fall/winter season both games produce a Bowler of the Month.

For January, those bowlers were Pat Harris and Ray Bankert.

Bankert of Westminster bowls in a single tenpin league.

"I've been bowling for about 15 years," he said. "I've quit and came back to it a couple times. When I was bowling at the center, years ago, where County Lanes is today, I carried about 170. Now it's down to 158."

Throwing a 15-pound AMF ball, Bankert owns a high game of 208 and a high series of 550-plus. In the Bowler of the Month tournament at Thunderhead, he posted games that were 80-plus pins over average to win the Tenpin Bowler of the Month.

"I had a pretty good day," he said. "I find that if I slow down on the approach that I score a little better."

Harris of Finksburg bowls in a Sunday duckpin league at Thunderhead and until this season never had bowled.

With an 83 average, she has posted a high game of 130 and a high set of 305.

And she has qualified to bowl in the $15,000 Coors tournament at the national level in Hagerstown this year.

"I'm so excited about that," she said. "Bowling in a national tournament will be great. I'm looking forward to competing against the best."

In the January Duckpin Bowler of the Month tournament, Harris threw a set that was 74 pins over average to win the title.

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