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Michael Heady's safety poster has been blown up.

As the winner of a competition sponsored by the Westminster Police Department, 10-year-old Michael's poster was expanded to fit a billboard that stands at the side of Route 31, about four miles south of Westminster.

His parents and his sister were there when the billboard was unveiled across from the Westminster Stockyard Friday morning.

In Michael's poster, a Mr. Air Bag and a Mr. Safety Belt get the winning checkered flag as they cross the finish line of a safe-driving highway.

"Safety Belts and Air Bags Are A Winning Combination," says the poster-billboard.

Michael, a fifth-grader at Friendship Valley Elementary School, won out over more than 620 fifth-graders in 15 Carroll elementary schools, according to Officer Michael Bible, coordinator of the seventh annual competition.

Winning contestants in each of the schools received awards. The first-place winner received a plaque and the second-place winner a medallion. Third place earned a ribbon, Officer Bible said.

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