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50 Years Ago* Dr. William J. French,...


50 Years Ago

* Dr. William J. French, Anne Arundel County health director, reports a second fox carrying rabies has been killed near Odenton. It is thought that foxes are infected from diseased dogs. The present quarantine on dogs in southern Anne Arundel County will be extended to the Odenton area. -- The Sun, March 10, 1944.

* Georgiana Porter Cusachs of Annapolis will christen the destroyer Porter when it is launched Monday. The warship is named for her great-grandfather Admiral David Dixon Porter and her great-great-grandfather Commodore David Porter, hero of the War of 1812. -- The Sun, March 10, 1944.

* Hundreds of soldiers at Fort Meade whistled, howled and stamped their feet as the million-dollar legs of screen star Marlene Dietrich glided across the local stage. -- The Sun, March 21, 1944.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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