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Around the house* Clean burner liners of...


Around the house

* Clean burner liners of stove once a week in your dishwasher. Hot water will loosen grease that's too hard to remove with a cloth.

* Protect kitchen knives. Never soak them in hot water, which can warp the wooden handles. Wash knives immediately in hot soap or detergent suds, rinse and wipe dry.

* Arrange flowers easily. Fasten several plastic hair rollers with a rubber band. Place vertically in the bottom of a ceramic or metal vase, insert flowers into rollers.

* Restore nap of carpet that has been pressed flat by heavy furniture. Place one or two ice cubes on spot and let sit overnight. The carpet will absorb the moisture, causing the fibers to raise. Brush up with a soft bristled brush.

In the garden

* Mist houseplants regularly. Fill spray bottle with tepid water. Periodic misting will keep plants free from dust and will provide much-needed humidity.

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