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Tomba finds self wondering, which way is down? OLYMPICS 94 -- A SPECTATOR'S SPORT


Harrowing experience: Mental alacrity of Alberto Tomba again being questioned after Italian ski superstar was caught in a power outage at an Oslo department store and trapped on the escalator for two hours.

The White House on Line 1: President Clinton's congratulatory call to gold medalist Dan Jansen included this abrupt aside: "Bosnia -- do we bomb or what?" After a startled Jansen replied he had no foreign policy experience to speak of, the president smoothly shifted gears and asked if Jansen had seen "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective."

He's no Walter Cronkite: Ultra-cool CBS late night host Pat O'Brien lifted the art of interviewing to a new level during this exchange with gold and silver medalist Tommy Moe: "But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?"

It beats digging ditches: Some 2,200 members of the media assembled to watch Tonya Harding file and paint her fingernails. She reportedly used an emery board from Revlon ("Shape and Finish Nails The Professional Way!") and Royal Magenta from Estee Lauder.

Today, reporters are scheduled to watch Nancy Kerrigan nap.

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