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Score re-check gives Poly wrestling win


Poly -- not Mervo -- was the winner of Tuesday's District 9, Baltimore City wrestling tournament.

Original calculations had the Mustangs with 168 points, followed by Poly with 165. However, after double-checking the scoring, Mervo coach Dwight Warren and tournament director Ron Jackson found that Mervo had 163 points. Poly's 165 points were correct.

"Ron brought it to my attention on Wednesday, showing what a class guy he is," Warren said. "We then talked to their athletic director [Mark Schlenoff]. It was an honest mistake."

Poly coach Bruce Strunk was informed about the error Wednesday night by Schlenoff.

"It feels good because we have a young team with nine underclassmen and our kids wrestled great," Strunk said. "But Dwight never had to recount the votes. He's a class guy."

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