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Morgan State student killed in campus fight


A 22-year-old Morgan State University student from New York was fatally stabbed last night during a fight on the campus, Baltimore police said.

Two other men, Morgan students who are friends of the dead man, were injured in the stabbings.

The fight occurred outside the Edward Hurt gymnasium on the Northeast Baltimore campus, police said.

Reached by telephone at his home nearby, Morgan's president, Earl S. Richardson said, "Its a tragedy, a very regrettable thing."

City police said the mortally wounded man had been involved in an argument or fight earlier in the day with several other men, also believed to be Morgan students.

Police said the dead man, who remained unidentified early this morning because his family had not been notified of his death, had left the campus, returning later in the day with two friends, both Morgan students.

Police said the trio, either on purpose or accidentally, ran into the other men around 7:30 p.m. outside the Hurt gymnasium and that a fight broke out.

After the fight, during which the three students were stabbed with a knife or sharp instrument, their assailants fled. They were still at large this morning.

When campus police learned of the fight, they summoned a city fire department ambulance, which took the mortally wounded student to Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The other two students were driven to Union Memorial Hospital by friends, police said.

When city police were advised of the triple stabbing, they said they were told that Morgan's authorities regarded the injuries as "not a big thing," and that the campus police would handle the incident.

However, city police sent officers to each hospital to interview the injured.

It was while city police were at Hopkins that the one student died, shortly before 10 p.m.

At Union Memorial Hospital, one student was treated and released and accompanied city police to headquarters.

The other student was admitted with knife wounds to the hands and shoulder. He was to be questioned later this morning.

Police said the parents of the New York student were notified that their son had been injured and that they immediately left their home for Baltimore.

It was while they were en route, police said, that the young man died.

After his death, according to city police communications personnel, the original police report of a stabbing was "re-opened." At that point, city homicide detectives joined the investigation.

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