Signs identifying landfill as Superfund site sought


Warning signs on a fence around the Keystone Landfill must state that the landfill is a federal Superfund contamination site, citizens' representatives from Maryland and Pennsylvania insisted last night.

The citizens, who were meeting as the Keystone landfill task force, rejected a sample sign proposed by Christopher J. Corbett, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's project manager for the site.

Mr. Corbett proposed a sign saying, "Danger Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out." He said he had negotiated the wording and placement of the signs, and a proposed fence around the site, with Kenneth and Anna Noel, owners of the landfill, which is now closed.

"It's very important to us to have at least one sign that says, 'Federal Superfund Site,' " said Susan Hardinger, president of the Silver Run area's People Against Contamination of the Environment (PACE).

Mary Minor, president of the Littlestown, Pa., Citizens Urging Rescue of the Environment (CURE), said some real estate agents get attacks of amnesia when prospective homebuyers ask about the existence of a Superfund site in the neighborhood.

The task force voted to ask the EPA to work out an agreement with the Noels to place two signs on the planned fence that would identify the property as a Superfund site.

The EPA put the Keystone Landfill on its Superfund cleanup list in 1987 after finding pollution of ground water on the property. The landfill is in Adams County, Pa., 300 yards north of the Carroll County border.

Mr. Corbett said the contracting engineers for work at the landfill site are committed to erecting a 6-foot-high fence around the property within 30 days of the EPA's approval of the work plan.

The Pennsylvania citizens argued for changing the work plan to move an existing fence closer to Line Road to bar entry to a slope.

Mrs. Minor said water runs out of the sides of the slope.

The fence has become a symbol, said attorney Robert Hoffman, who represents Mr. and Mrs. Noel. "It's a symbol that it's a terrible place, that it's a war zone over there."

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