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Ring slips bride's finger somewhere between nuptials, ride home


A few hours after getting married on Valentine's Day at the Carroll County Courthouse, the new Mrs. Doyle Henry lost the symbol of her matrimony -- her wedding ring.

At first, she didn't even realize the plain gold band was gone. Then it couldn't be found.

"It's not a real expensive ring, but the sentimental value," said Tanya Henry, 24.

Mrs. Henry, who is from Westminster, and her husband had traveled with their wedding party to Shoney's Restaurant on Route 140 for a celebration breakfast.

With the couple were Mrs. Henry's 2-year-old son, Andrew; Mrs. Henry's father, Johnny Conner; and Mr. Conner's in-laws, Fred and Patricia Rupply.

"I remember having it at the table and before we left," Mrs. Henry said. "The reason I know is because I wasn't used to it [the ring] being there, so I had been playing with it."

She said she's almost positive the ring came off as the party left the restaurant. Her father had grabbed her hand to assist her over the ice.

"I guess he [her husband] wasn't real sure about the size," she said. "It was a little loose, and I think it happened when we went out.

"In the car on the way home, my husband said, 'Where's the ring?' and I said, 'What!' "

The group drove back to Shoney's and searched the parking lot and the restaurant with no success.

"We looked all over the restaurant, and the workers helped us look in the restrooms," Mrs. Henry said.

She said she hopes someone can help solve the case of the missing wedding band.

Anyone with information regarding the wedding ring is asked to call Patricia Rupply at 751-6165.

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