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Good Guys: More than a Flesh Wound


The noose is tightening on North Laurel's Good Guys Bar & Grill. The three-year-old establishment is now down to peddling only one vice -- nude dancing. No longer will Good Guys serve or allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises, says proprietor Behnan Zanganech.

Of course, Mr. Zanganech did not come willingly to this conclusion. Far from it. Federal Judge Joseph H. Young ruled recently that the night club could no longer allow patrons to drink and nude dancers to perform in the same establishment. State law allows jurisdictions to forbid such practices in public places. Eleven counties -- including Howard, Anne Arundel, Charles and Prince George's -- enforce the regulation.

Judge Young ruled that the law is constitutional. Mr. Zanganech says he will appeal, but in the meantime, he has shown his preference by deciding to keep the nude dancing.

It is a major concession. Mr. Zanganech had tried every way imaginable to keep his bar up and running. After police investigated the bar last summer and found dancers and patrons engaged in "improper contact," Good Guys had its liquor license suspended and was slapped with a $1,000 fine.

Undaunted, Mr. Zanganech responded by turning in his license and switching to a bring-your-own-booze, nude-dancing establishment. When that didn't seem like enough to shimmy around restrictions, he decided to make the club "private" and sold "memberships" at the door. Members were given voting rights in Laurel Entertainment Inc., a group he created allegedly to oversee Good Guys. Conspicuously, four of the seven LEI board members were employees of Mr. Zanganech.

It was the kind of bungling charade that makes the Nancy Kerrigan attack look sophisticated. Thankfully, Judge Young saw through the subterfuge and ruled that Good Guys was neither controlled by LEI nor selective about who joined.

We suspect that Mr. Zanganech has finally run out of options. With nude dancing as its only enticement, time will tell whether Good Guys can continue to be a viable attraction. Local law enforcement officials have pledged to keep watch over the establishment. And with any luck, this public strangulation will make Good Guys go away.

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