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Peck elected chairman of development authority


Arthur Peck, a retired Westminster veterinarian, has been elected chairman of the county Industrial Development Authority IDA).

A five-year member of the authority, Dr. Peck will replace Russell Sellman, who resigned last month.

"I don't think it's a significant development," Dr. Peck said of his -- election as chairman. "We are a small committee of five members and there is give and take throughout the whole membership."

The IDA was originally created to develop the Air Business Center, which surrounds the Carroll County Regional Airport in Westminster. Now that the last airport parcel was sold to Freewing, a company that manufactures experimental aircraft, the IDA will begin working on other ventures, Dr. Peck said.

"The commissioners are not allowed to or supposed to be real estate agents," he said. "The IDA was initially conceived as an adjunct to the Economic Development Office to expedite the Air Business Center.

"I just hope that we continue to be a viable industrial development leader, as it were, to do those things which the county by law is prohibited from doing for the benefit of the county."

The IDA consists of Dr. Peck, Michael Brown of the Bank of Baltimore in Westminster, Oden Kemp of Hampstead and Fred Esbrandt of Eldersburg. A fifth member has been appointed by the county commissioners, but has not been installed in office, Dr. Peck said.

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