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Howard Countians Met Winter's ChallengeJanuary brought with...


Howard Countians Met Winter's Challenge

January brought with it some of the most serious weather ever experienced in this county. For the first time in years, delivery of some county services were interrupted or curtailed for days.

I want to thank the people of this county for their understanding and personal response during difficult situations. Many of you had to "put up" with trash when trash collection was cancelled. Some hauled your trash to the landfill. Many aided neighbors in need, and assisted the police and fire departments.

During the electrical crisis, you responded overwhelmingly in reducing electrical usage.

Again, the citizens of Howard County met the challenge. I salute and thank each and every one of you. You can be proud of your contributions. Thank you.

Charles I. Ecker

Ellicott City

The writer is Howard County executive.

Wine Guidance


The "Vintage Point" column in The Sun Jan.

30 lamented that so few liquor stores specialize in wine and also take a personal interest in their customers. Howard County wine connoisseurs are blessed with one such place, Jason's, on Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City.

I have stopped at Jason's ever since I was refused at another liquor store I regularly patronized because my purchase one afternoon for wine for a dinner party was a dollar below the credit card minimum and I didn't have enough cash in my pocket. Jason's not only took my credit card, the owner recommended a better wine at a lower cost. . . .

llan C. Stover

Ellicott City

School Resources And Journalistic Excellence

In the Jan. 17 issue of the Howard County edition of The Sun, an article was written about Centennial High School's award-winning publication, the Wingspan. My intent is not to discredit the achievements of the Wingspan, a publication I respect and admire very much.

My intent is to shed light on the unfair discrepancies between the high schools in this county. As editor-in-chief of the Lion's Tale, the school newspaper of Howard High School, I am outraged that one school in the county can be so much more privileged than another. . . .

Centennial has six Macintosh computers; a waxer; a scanner; a large, workable journalism room; its own telephone; a $10,000 budget, and 47 staff members. At Howard, we have one Macintosh with outdated software, and 13 people stuffed into a veritable closet.

The article labeled Centennial's use of desktop publishing four years ago as "innovative," but it was, in fact, the first school in the county to be able to afford the technology, not the first to make some revolutionary breakthrough. . . .

When the Board of Education and the Howard County community start to treat every school as equals, . . . then the rest of the schools in the county can begin to compete on a higher plateau.

Ben Wyskida


The writer is co-editor-in-chief of Howard High School's The Lion's Tale.

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