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Heart-felt feelings of love


For Valentine's day:

* Create a family love tree. Find a bare tree branch, about 12 to 18 inches in length. Spray paint it white or leave it natural, if you wish. Set the branch upright in a jar filled with marbles or stones. Place the arrangement on your kitchen table.

Cut out two or three dozen pink, red and white paper hearts about 2 inches wide. Punch a hole at the top of each heartand set the hearts in a basket with some string and pens next to the tree. Encourage family members to write on a heart what they appreciate and love about another family member, then hang it on the tree. After a meal on Valentine's Day, take turns taking a heart off the tree.

* For Valentine's breakfast, squeeze a heart shape on toast using strawberry jelly from a plastic squeeze container.Or, bake pancakes in various size heart designs. Top with fresh strawberries cut lengthwise to make heart shapes.

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