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Burglar stabs 5-month-old puppy


A 5-month-old puppy, a family Christmas present, was stabbed in the neck several times by a burglar in a Union Bridge home early Monday, state police said yesterday.

Emily, a miniature dachshund, was treated by a Mount Airy veterinarian and survived the injuries, according to family members, who requested anonymity.

Police said two girls in the family entered their West Broadway home about 8 a.m. Monday, heard the dog barking frantically from behind the closed first-floor bathroom door and saw kitchen closet doors open.

The girls, knowing that the puppy had been left in the kitchen and that the closet doors had been closed, went to the home of a relative and called police.

When a state trooper arrived and entered the house with the girls, they found blood stains on a wall leading to the kitchen, where someone had used the wall for support while stepping over a puppy gate.

Hearing no sounds of barking, the girls searched for the dog and found her behind a toilet bleeding from neck wounds.

Family members took the wounded puppy to a veterinarian.

Investigators said they believe that the burglar was in the house when the girls first entered it and stabbed the puppy in an attempt to silence her.

Police said the intruder searched the second floor of the house and stole two VCRs, a stereo, a compact disc player and six CDs. The loss was estimated at $700.

The burglar pried open a rear door to the home after climbing over a fence and walking across a deck, leaving footprints in the snow.

State police request that anyone who might have seen anything unusual in the area to call the Westminster barracks at (410) 848-3111.

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