Brewer to run on GOP ticket for executive


Donald W. Brewer, Baltimore County's former ride-share coordinator, yesterday announced that he will run as a Republican for county executive this year against incumbent Roger B. Hayden.

Mr. Brewer, 48, who lives in the 7900 block of Bank St. in Eastpoint, was a fervent supporter of Mr. Hayden, also a Republican, in 1990, but soured on the executive after the election. Mr. Brewer ultimately lost his county job amid massive layoffs last February.

"I am a malcontent," he cheerfully admitted yesterday on the county courthouse steps in Towson, where he faced a small audience of family members and well-wishers who included his son-in-law, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling. He said he is not satisfied that Mr. Hayden has kept his promises to cut out government waste and theft.

Mr. Brewer became a familiar figure at Hayden campaign headquarters and around county government during the past few years, complaining about everything from alleged nepotism and sweetheart contracts to mismanagement in county government. Eventually, he said, Mr. Hayden stopped listening, and his accusations were greeted with what he said were "ridicule, hostility, abuse and stonewalling."

A recent convert to the GOP, Mr. Brewer is the only Republican opposition Mr. Hayden has so far.

State Sen. Nancy L. Murphy of Catonsville and County Councilmen Charles A. Dutch Ruppersberger III of Timonium and Melvin G. Mintz of Pikesville, all Democrats, also are seeking the office. Only Senator Murphy, however, has officially begun a campaign. The filing deadline is July 5.

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