WMC head to give ideas on cost-cutting


The president of Western Maryland College will meet with the Maryland congressional delegation today in in Washington to discuss higher education.

Dr. Robert Chambers is one of four educators who will discuss issues relating to four-year private colleges. He was invited to speak by Democrat Sen. Paul Sarbanes.

"Senator Sarbanes has meetings to deal with higher education," Dr. Chambers said yesterday. "Although the delegation oversees things pertaining to institutions all over the country, they try to look closely on what's going on here in Maryland."

Other members of his group are Sister Rosemarie Nassif, president of the College of Notre Dame of Maryland; Dr. William Richardson, president of the Johns Hopkins University; and J. Elizabeth Garraway, the president of the Maryland Independent Colleges and Universities Association. Presidents of several two-year colleges also have been invited to speak.

Dr. Chambers said he and each of the other educators will have about seven minutes to speak to the delegation about an issue pertaining to higher education.

Ms. Garraway will put the presentation in context by talking about the Higher Education Act of 1992 and how it affects private colleges and universities.

Sister Nassif and Dr. Richardson will discuss issues pertaining to their schools, and Dr. Chambers said he will discuss cost containment and how it has been used efficiently and effectively at Western Maryland College.

"The state allocation for education has been cut back and 80 percent of our students are on financial aid," Dr. Chambers said. "That is the major problem we've been facing over the years."

Dr. Chambers said that the college's plans for cutting costs have worked very well.

"Given the fact that major increases in financial aid are needed each year and we are trying to limit tuition increases, where else is the money going to come from?" Dr. Chambers said. "We have to cut costs."

The delegation will also hear comments on education from representatives of two-year public colleges in Baltimore and Charles, Cecil and Montgomery counties.

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