Spurs, Robinson streak by Bullets


SAN ANTONIO -- For almost three quarters last night, the Washington Bullets were doing what most NBA teams haven't done during the past month.

Then reality sank in, sparked by a monster performance by San Antonio center David Robinson.

The 7-foot-1 All-Star collected his fourth triple-double of the season to lead the Spurs to a 110-90 victory.

Robinson had 31 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists and seven blocked shots to help extend San Antonio's eight-game winning streak.

Last night marked the Spurs' 18th win in the past 21 games as they pulled within a half-game of the Midwest Division lead.

The Bullets stayed close until late in the third quarter, when the Spurs erupted with 19 straight points to put the game away.

"We stayed close to them and then we just had a lapse for a couple of minutes," Washington forward Kenny Walker said. "That's just the sign of a young team and they definitely took advantage of it."

Tom Gugliotta's jumper pulled Washington within 69-67 with 3:30 remaining in the third quarter. San Antonio then scored the final 11 points of the third quarter and the first eight of the fourth to delight the Alamodome crowd of 16,884.

"We had some good shots during the run," guard Dale Ellis said. "Early on, we didn't execute well. We let them have too many shots.

"In the second half, we knew we needed to up the tempo and cause some turnovers. We got it going in the third quarter. We had a nice little run."

San Antonio hit 67 percent of its shots in the third quarter and 71 percent in the final quarter to put the game away.

"I think they were moving the ball well and had a lot of people open," Washington forward Pervis Ellison said. "Everybody was getting a good look at the basket and when you do that, you should shoot pretty well."

Robinson punctuated the victory with a show-stopping 360-degree dunk seemingly destined for the shoe commercials.

"That was a direct result of my body feeling better," Robinson said. "This last week was a good one for my knee, coming off all the rest. It felt good and I just wanted to make a run at it.

"It felt so good that I said 'I guess I'll be a little creative.' I wanted a little spice to the game."

Spurs coach John Lucas said such an attitude change is good for Robinson, who has been accused of being timid.

"David was just outstanding tonight," Lucas said. "He showed me a dunk I haven't ever seen. He doesn't want to be the MVP of the league, but I want him to be. I think he's the MVP of the league."

Michael Adams led Washington with 25 points and Calbert Cheaney chipped in with 18.

"We missed some shots, had some turnovers and it gave them a chance to run," Adams said. "Any time you turn the ball over and miss some shots, you're at a disadvantage. Those guys started running, and that's what beat us."

NOTES: The Bullets wasted little time making up for earlier rebounding problems against San Antonio. Washington recorded a franchise-low 23 rebounds Jan. 17 at the USAir Arena. The Bullets topped that total midway through the second quarter. . . . The stop was a homecoming for Washington assistant coach Robert Reid, who played high school ball in nearby Schertz, Texas, and college ball at St. Mary's of San Antonio.

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