Officials mull easing of building permit feesCarroll's...


Officials mull easing of building permit fees

Carroll's commissioners continued talking yesterday about whether to waive or cap building permit and other fees to attract new businesses and encourage existing businesses to expand.

If the commissioners waive the fees in the current fiscal year, the county would lose almost $166,000, officials said.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell suggested what he called "a simple and equitable" way to compensate for the lost money. He said the $166,000 should be subtracted from a $750,000 fund set aside each year for economic development projects.

Commissioner Julia W. Gouge said the county could cap permit fees at $5,000, but waive them on a case-by-case basis.

J. Michael Evans, director of the Department of GeneraServices, said he could figure the cost per hour for inspecting a building and charge builders according to the time it takes.

The commissioners said they would like to hear comments from the Economic Development Commission on the issue.

Planning agency seeks 3.8% budget increase

Carroll Department of Planning officials have requested a $663,215 operating budget for fiscal 1995, a 3.8 percent increase over the current year's budget.

The $24,405 increase is needed to maintain planning responsibilities and match grant funds, officials told the commissioners yesterday.

The county must spend $12,500 to match a federal Historic Trust grant and $10,000 to comply with the state Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act, the planning officials said.

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