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Council fails to approve controversial zoning bill


The County Council last night failed to approve a controversial bill that would change zoning laws, effectively killing the proposed legislation.

Council members Edward Middlebrooks and David G. Boschert voted against the bill; George Bachman, Carl G. Holland and Diane Evans abstained.

Council members Maureen Lamb and Virginia P. Clagett, who had opposed the council's acting on the bill without a thorough study by community associations, did not attend the meeting because they were out of town.

Because it was not approved last night, the 3-month-old bill expired and will have to be introduced again.

A coalition of community associations had pressed for a delay on action on the bill, arguing that it was rendered unclear because of the many amendments attached to it since it was first introduced in November.

A. Scott Mobley, president of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation, said the coalition was also concerned that the bill was ambiguous in its provisions that regulated medical and dental clinics, hotels and motels and recycling facilities.

Mr. Boschert and Mr. Holland urged the community associations to contact their council members to start the process that would lead to a new zoning bill.

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