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Council stands firm on library


Members of the New Windsor Town Council did not change their positions about supporting their town as the primary site for a northwest Carroll County library. They were equally vehement that the library not be put in Linwood.

Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. said during the monthly council meeting Wednesday that Commissioner Donald I. Dell requested that he ask the council to rethink its position on the library issue.

But the council stood firm on its decision last month to work for a library for New Windsor and reject any proposal to put a library in Linwood.

Rachel Taggert, a town resident, said during the meeting that she talked to several senior citizens and students who have said they would like a library in town.

Mayor Gullo said he would forward the council's decision to Commissioner Dell.

Rent to be raised on town property

The New Windsor Town Council voted to raise the rent on the town farm property on Water Street from $40 to $50 per month, utilities included.

The decision, made during the monthly council meeting Wednesday, marks the first time the rent has been raised in 17 years, Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. said.

H. Cassell Roop, a former mayor, had asked the council to consider raising the rent and putting a water meter on one of the buildings rented on the property. But after considering the idea, the mayor and council decided it was not cost effective.

Councilman Kenny Grimes rents the town property to house and feed a small herd of cattle, maintains the grounds and washes town lawn mowers and maintenance equipment.

He did not discuss the issue with the council during its work session Jan. 13 nor did he vote during Wednesday's meeting.


* Taneytown: Firefighters from the Taneytown station were dispatched to investigate a report of a fire alarm sounding in a building on West Baltimore Street at 9:17 a.m. Friday. They were out 15 minutes.

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