Christianity course examines the basics of that faith


The Rev. Roy Taylor, pastor to the flock at Dorsey Emmanuel Methodist Church, took his wife, Pat, to San Antonio, Texas, last summer, not for a day in the sun, but for some days in the classroom.

They attended a course developed by Dr. William Abraham of Dallas' Perkins College. Churches in the San Antonio area, experiencing phenomenal growth, had asked Dr. Abraham to help them explain the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith to interested community members.

Now, the Taylors are willing to teach through "Basic Christianity," a series of 90-minute classes.

Participants will be led through the basics of philosophy and sacraments of the religion.

Additionally, everyone will read a few relevant Bible verses each week.

"Basic Christianity" should appeal to a broad spectrum of people, including people in the Muslim or Jewish faiths, says Mr. Taylor. It's ecumenical, although the approach does have a Methodist flavor, and offers no pressure to affiliate with a church.

For further information about this 14-class series, call Mr. Taylor at 750-6961.


Educators and staff working at Howard County's public schools could never earn enough or gather enough thanks for all the good things they routinely do.

But today through Friday, county parents have a chance to give these good people some of the appreciation they're due.

This is Employee Appreciation Week, when Parent Teacher Association members reward teachers and staff, giving them little goodies to make their week a pleasurable one.

I urge you to take a moment this week to remember and thank your child's teachers.

And how about those wonderful teachers in your child's past schooling who made a difference in your child's life? A note to them will lighten their steps this week.


Do you know an adult who has difficulty reading and writing? Perhaps that person wants to be able to write letters to a child's school, read a grocery store circular or fine print on a sales contract, or upgrade skills to move up in the world.

Project Literacy, a confidential service provided by Howard County and private donations, can give that person free one-on-one tutoring.

The project gives each client customized lessons in reading, math, writing or English for two hours each week.

Carefully selected tutors have received training in teaching methods.

Sessions are held either in the Miller Branch Library or Elkridge Branch, which has a quiet literacy room.

Alternatively, folks who have difficulty with transportation may use the Mobile Resource Center, a van with space for five sets of clients and tutors. The van has stops at the Elkridge Headstart and at Hilltop Apartments on Ellicott Mills Drive in Ellicott City.

A tutor also may work with someone in their home.

If you know someone who would benefit from Project Literacy, call Janet Carsetti, who coordinates this wonderful program, at 313-7900.

If you'd like to volunteer, sharing your knowledge with others, the project has a tutoring class starting this summer.

I'll be highlighting it later in my column. Watch for it!


If you're planning to be entertained at Centennial High School's Fat Night Follies this Friday or Saturday night, perhaps you'll be in the mood for even more entertainment.

So stop at Centennial's Class of '96 "Gold C Discount Books" sale. Discount books contain coupons for fast food, theater, sports and other attractions.

Sales will take place from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the lobby of the school.

For more information, call Barbara Langridge at 313-9936 or Pat Davis at 461-9289.

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