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'A random act of kindness' surprises woman


NEW YORK -- It's a transaction that Sharibeth Mandel describes as "a random act of kindness."

After absent-mindedly leaving her bank card at an automatic teller machine in Manhattan Wednesday, Ms. Mandel was pleasantly surprised this week when a stranger ran after her to return it -- and an extra $100 that had been dispersed from her account.

"I was crossing the street when a man came towards me screaming: 'Miss, you left your card and cash in the machine,' " Ms. Mandel recalled yesterday. "How can I be so lucky that he did that to me?"

Yesterday, still puzzled about why the machine had dispersed the extra money but assured that her balance was OK, Ms. Mandel said she wished she had asked for the man's name.

"I would like to show some appreciation to them, and tell them what kind of persons they are," she said. "The New York that you see is not the New York you live in."

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