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Hampstead resident supports condo bill


ANNAPOLIS -- A Hampstead resident testified before the Senate Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee yesterday that condominium owners need more protection against contractors who do shoddy work.

Regina Tully told legislators that she discovered she had no recourse after an unlicensed contractor installed faulty doors and windows in her condo.

The Maryland Home Improvement Commission does not regulate contractors who do work on individual condo units, said Carroll Sen. Larry E. Haines, R-District 5. He is sponsoring Senate Bill 52 to change that.

Dennis C. McCoy, a Baltimore attorney who represents the Maryland Improvement Contractors Association, and Kathleen M. Elmore, an Annapolis attorney who represents the Community Association Institute, testified in support of the bill.

Ms. Elmore said not including individual condo units was an oversight in the law.

The Home Improvement Commission licenses and regulates contractors and salespersons, and investigates complaints against them.

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