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Route 30 Exxon station gets zoning approval for renovations


At its Monday night meeting, the Hampstead Planning and Zoning Commission approved the site plan for renovations to the Exxon service station on Route 30.

Commission Chairman Arthur Moler said yesterday that the commission members' main concern with the site had been the size and number of proposed signs.

"We try to keep that signage down" to improve the appearance of Hampstead streets, he said.

However, he said, commission members were happy with the final plan, which includes two signs.

One will measure 13 feet by 25 feet, and will be mounted on a canopy that will shelter the gas pumps. The other will be a smaller, free-standing sign 16 feet high.

Also Monday, Wayne Thomas, president of the Fields Homeowners' Association and a member of the Hampstead Town Council, gave the commission an update on what he has learned about who is responsible for storm water management ponds in residential developments in Hampstead.

Mr. Thomas is working with Town Attorney Richard Murray and with Carroll County officials to determine who is responsible for upkeep of the ponds.

He said that, according to the Hampstead town code, the town should have taken over responsibility for storm water management ponds in Roberts Field.

Hampstead officials maintain that the town policy has always been for homeowners' associations to assume responsibility for storm water management ponds.

Mr. Thomas said he will continue to investigate the matter.

The Planning and Zoning Commission took no action Monday on the proposed development of the Widerman property, which surrounds Hampstead Elementary School on Shiloh Road. The Westwood Development Co. of Hampstead has proposed building 146 single-family houses and 144 condominiums on the 127-acre site.

Mr. Moler said that, because the county planning office still has some questions about the development, the Hampstead commission postponed any action.

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