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Baltimore County still maneuvering school's boundaries


Baltimore County school officials continue to change their boundary proposal for the new Jacksonville Elementary School as parents express concerns over enrollment levels at five neighboring schools.

School officials moved the Warren Elementary School boundary last week to take in an additional 22 children who attend Pot Spring Elementary. More than 200 Warren students are moving to Jacksonville Elementary on Jarrettsville Pike.

And officials are likely to make even more changes in response zTC to a recent public hearing.

The school board will make a final decision on Feb. 22. The boundary changes would go into effect in September.

In the most recent change, school officials proposed moving children from Pot Spring to Warren because they are within walking distance of that school. The children live north of Cranbrook Road on Snowdrift Court, Rainbow Bridge, Stoney Mill Court, Lakevista Circle and the streets off it.

This change would leave Warren about 30 students under capacity and Pot Spring about 10 students over capacity.

School officials are considering "about five different counterproposals" presented to the board at last week's hearing, said Pam Carter, a specialist in the office of pupil assignments, which handles boundary changes. More than 40 people spoke at the hearing.

Most of those proposals deal with the enrollments of Pot Spring and Warren, which are over capacity this year.

Parents from Pot Spring are concerned that even with the recent change, their school will remain crowded while Warren will no longer be. They want the school board to move an additional 20 youngsters into the Warren district to even out the enrollments.

Some of the other alternatives came from Hunt Valley-area residents who want their children to attend Jacksonville rather than stay at Pot Spring. Even within the subdivisions of Hunt Valley Station and Hunters Run, however, there is disagreement. Some parents want their children to stay at Pot Spring.

"The staff will sift through all of the proposals . . . and may recommend a mild modification of its [earlier] proposal," Ms. Carter said.

Board members will look at these proposed changes this week, then go to the schools involved -- Sparks, Carroll Manor, Pot Spring, Warren and Padonia.

Jacksonville, which will open in September, has room for more than 750 youngsters. Under the original redistricting plan, it would have opened with about 580 students, mostly from Sparks, Carroll Manor and Warren elementaries. Further changes, as proposed by the parent groups, would move more children into Jacksonville and even out enrollments at the other schools.

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