POLICE* Westminster: A Manchester resident reported to...



* Westminster: A Manchester resident reported to city police that someone severely scratched the side of her vehicle while it was parked at the Cranberry Mall lot Tuesday. She estimated the damage at $1,000.

A resident of Bloom Road told state police someone broke the driver's window and trunk lock of her car and stole cassette tapes valued at $250. The vehicle was parked at the house Tuesday when the theft occurred.

A 16-year-old student of Westminster High School reported to state police that someone slashed and punctured all four tires of his 1984 Ram Charger while the vehicle was parked at the school Monday. The Bethel Road resident estimated the loss at $400.


* Westminster: Westminster and Reese responded for a chimney fire on Brehm Road at 7 a.m. Wednesday. Units were out for 53 minutes while firefighters checked to see if fire spread into the building.

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