"I think it was an extraordinary commitment for the president to draw the line as clearly and as hard as he did about coverage for everybody."

-- Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, an advocacy group supporting the Clinton health care reform plan

"I think it is unfortunate he chose to imply that the insurance industry is somehow running the health care system. Clearly we're a player in the system, but he overstated our role."

-- Chip Kahn, executive vice president of the Health Insurance Association of America, responding to Mr. Clinton's criticism of the insurance industry.

"The president promised in his campaign to end welfare as we know it. Then, in his first year in office, he never sent a hint of a proposal."

-- Rep. Robert Michel, R-Ill., House Republican leader

"Tonight, the president touched on many themes important to our country. On issue after issue, the president has made moving and thoughtful statements, but he seems unwilling to translate his frequently earnest remarks into effective policies."

--Sen. Daniel R. Coats, R-Ind.

"He has to make health care and welfare and crime a national cause. If he does, he will take over what has been the Republican issue base in presidential campaigns for most of the past 25 years."

-- Al From, president of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council.

"Washington may think it can do only one thing at a time, but real people are juggling things every day and don't have much patience for that argument."

--James Carville, Clinton political adviser

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