Day later, fog clears for Aikman


ATLANTA -- No need for Dallas fans to worry. Troy Aikman will be on the field when the Cowboys play the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII.

Aikman spent Sunday night in a Dallas hospital after suffering a mild concussion in the Cowboys' 38-21 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game. But he said yesterday he was feeling fine and was ready to resume practice tomorrow.

"The doctors are not concerned about it," said Aikman, who was released from Baylor Medical Center yesterday morning and flew with the team to Atlanta in the afternoon. "My neck's a little stiff and I've got a little headache, but that's about it."

A CAT scan and MRI revealed no neurological damage, according to the team's physician, J.R. Zamorano.

Aikman was injured on the Cowboys' second play of the third quarter, when 49ers defensive end Dennis Brown's knee hit Aikman's head as the quarterback was going down on a 7-yard sack.

Aikman seemed confused when he got to the sidelines, asking injured center Mark Stepnoski, who was dressed in street clothes, what happened and why he wasn't playing.

Stepnoski became suspicious and alerted the training staff, and Aikman then tried to clear his head with smelling salts. But his memory did not begin to return until about 2 a.m. yesterday in the hospital. Even now, Aikman still can't remember most of the game, although most of his long-term memory has come back.

"I remember the pre-game introductions and a deep pass to Alvin Harper that was incomplete," Aikman said.

Aikman was so confused during the game that when the team's medical staff asked where the Super Bowl was being played, Aikman said, "Henryetta," referring to his hometown in Oklahoma.

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