Success doesn't keep Dmitry from his raves


Why would someone like Dmitry, better known as Super DJ Dmitry Brill of the group Deee-Lite, be DJ'ing a rave in Baltimore? After all, he's enjoyed success with Deee-Lite, whose debut album "World Clique" took the group out of the New York club underground and made it a dance-floor senation.

Why would he want to spin records at an all-night dance party in a Baltimore warehouse?

The reason is simple: Dmitry likes to rave.

"I DJ for a rave practically every weekend," he said over the phone from his home in New York City. Right now, he and fellow Deee-Liters Lady Kier Kirby and Towa "Towa" Tei are working on the group's next album, "In the Garden," due out in the spring. Dmitry calls it "very state of the dance floor."

When he's not in the studio, Dmitry travels the East Coast and into Canada looking for a rave. "Sometimes I go as a DJ," he said, "sometimes I'll just go as a raver."

Raves are basically all-night dance parties featuring loud, hypnotic and intense techno and house music, usually held at warehouses and other out-of-the-way places. Like Dmitry, hard-core ravers will travel hours looking for a good party. To them, raving is a culture, a state of mind, not just an alternative to the nightclub scene.

"It's very exciting," Dmitry said. "What I see at raves is what I don't see at clubs. I see unity. At clubs, especially in New York, there's such an emphasis on what you're wearing. That's not the case with a rave.

"A rave has much less of a voyeur theme. It's a more unified vibe."

Which is why you'll likely see Dmitry grooving on the dance floor, not just hanging out in the DJ booth.

"A rave is a release for me," he said, adding that they also provide the opportunity to try out new tracks he's working on in the studio. "I get a genuine reaction. Either people dance . . . or they get off the floor."

Dmitry takes offense at the suggestion he's "stepping down" by DJ'ing raves. "That's my roots. DJ'ing is a gift that I can give to reach people. To not DJ is to lose touch with the dance floor."

Dmitry was in Baltimore for a rave called "Thick" in May of 1993. "You've got some really good kids in Baltimore. They just dance all night," he said. "I would say that D.C. and Baltimore have more of a rave scene than New York."

And as any DJ knows, you go to where the music is appreciated. Or, as Dmitry put it, "I'd rather go to a rave than a 'fabulous party' any day."

Dmitry raves

What: Dmitry, DJ'ing at Spiritual Movement II

When: Tomorrow, 10 p.m.-8 a.m.

Tickets: $15, available only at Modern Music, 241 W. Read St. Directions to the Baltimore event will be given out at the store.

Call: (410) 523-1882

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